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Submax X is a full-body sauna pod enclosed with thermal active energy, revitalizing, and rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul. The device is designed in a comfortable sitting position with open arm sockets for comfortable mobile device use and wheels for mobility. It includes a myriad of potential benefits including pain relief, detoxification, weight loss, stress reduction and skin rejuvenation. Heated steam and infrared light technology enhance your body's natural ability to self-heal and improve your mental wellbeing.


Submax X has several beneficial functions that were shown to be beneficial in many studies and is programmed to complete all functions in one session.

Steam Heating
Stimulates evaporation of other essences from your body, improving blood circulation and reducing chronic pain.

Music Therapy
Enhance your relaxing treatment with music of your choice. You can connect your device with a USB cable or pair via Bluetooth.

Ozone System
Removes toxins and thoroughly cleanses pores, also used for
hygienic purposes.

Optical Therapy
Increases metabolism and helps with weight loss. This function
also helps you relax and reduces mental stress.


  1. Before each use of the Submax X press the red button on the power adapter to reset the system at least 10 minutes before your session.
  2. Open the back part of the capsule and fill water in the boiling bowl. Turn it on by pressing the red switch.
  3. On the control panel, press the "POWER" button to turn the Submax X on.
  4. To enjoy music during the treatment, connect a music playing device through Bluetooth or MP3 cable.
    1. Bluetooth Pairing: ensure the Bluetooth function of the music player device is on and able to search (iPod, iPhone, mobile phone or compatible device). Select "Empire Tech" on the music playing device to pair from the B luetooth list.
    2. You can adjust the song played and the volume of the music directly through your music playing device.
    3. To pair via MP3 simply connect the device to the Submax X with a USB cable.
  5. Set the time of your treatment by pressing the "+" and"'" buttons under the clock icon in the center of the screen.
  6. Set the temperature of your treatment by pressing the "TEMP" button. The default is set to 40°C. Once pressing the "TEMP" button, a number pad will pop up for you to enter the desired temperature for your treatment.
  7. Once your treatment is set, press the "STEAM" button on the control panel to start the steam, wait 10-15 minutes for the device to reach the set temperature. You may adjust the steam level by pressing the "4" and “buttons after pressing the "STEAM" button once.
  8. Open the device manually and settle down for your relaxing spa treatment with Submax X. During the treatment, you can put your arms through the arm sockets to use your phone, tablet, or any other device you may have.
  9. Once your treatment is over, turn the capsule off, disconnect the power adapter from the capsule and power source and check for leakage in the water bowl area.
  10. For maintenance, clean the capsule and press down the "OZONE" button directly after each treatment and let it run for about 10 minutes.


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