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The Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device combines the science of some of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in skin care into one hand-held home device. Unlike pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures that cover up or mask problem areas, the functions of the Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device leverage natural biological principals to address the causes of aging at the source.


Red LED Light 

  • Immediate results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased production of cells and collagen fibers deep below the skin’s surface
  • Reduces melanin (hormone level) in the skin
  • Reduce appearance of age spots, dark spots, and other pigmentation abnormalities
  • Repairs damaged skin on a cellular level
  • Reduces scars and blemishes

Blue LED Light 

  • Destroys the bacteria that causes acne at the source
  • Eradicates bacteria that causes inflammation
  • Reduces redness in skin

122ºF Hot Compress Pad 

  • Opens pores enabling skin to better take in serums and creams
  • Brings blood flow, and the proteins and oxygen it carries, to the surface skin
  • Stimulates collagen growth preselect

57ºF Cold Compress Pad 

  • Closes the pores, sealing in product in and keeping bacteria out
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Enhances complexion and rejuvenates skin

Sonic Vibration (can be used with any setting) 

  • Sonic waves break serums and creams products into nano-particles and pulsing them into the epidermis at over 100 taps per second, driving them deep into the dermis
  • Increases circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients to the tissue
  • Gives skin a natural, healthy, rejuvenated glow

The Science Behind LED Light Technology 

The Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) – a special type of light source that releases energy in the form of photons. The red and blue light that’s emitted is not simply white light filtered through a colored lens, but the pure light energy of the colors in their true wavelengths.LED light therapy is energy working in its purest form.

Different wavelengths of light have different properties – in essence, each has own unique health benefit signature.

Red LED light is perhaps the most beneficial for skin restoration and cell rejuvenation on a core biological level.In much the same way that sunlight upon a plant triggers life-giving photosynthesis, when red LED light strikes living biological tissue triggers a biological response that increases cell energy.

This increased cell energy speeds up the production of enzymes, fibers, and collagen that support the skin structure. It increases the circulation of the cell itself, speeding up nutrient transfer and accelerating the removal of waste and free radicals within the cell.Of all of the colors on the spectrum, red is able to penetrate furthest into the skin (3mm), thus stimulating cell growth in the dermis, epidermis, and hypodermis – the deepest layer of the skin.

NASA originally developed this light technology while conducting experiments in plant growth for space shuttle missions. Experimenters then discovered more positive impacts of this light technology on living cells. Because it’s powerful healing and restorative affects on the body, infrared light technology is now regularly used to aid in the healing of human wounds, burns, diabetic skin ulcers and oral mucositis.

Blue LED light is shorter in wavelength, but has a different biological healing benefit. Narrow bands of blue LED light enter the pores and destroy acne causing and inflammation causing bacteria. Even if those don’t suffer from acne may see redness or inflammation caused by trace amounts of this same bacteria.

Dermatologist have long used LED light in practice for its effect on eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, spots, redness, and acne. Now this same technology is available in a powerful hand-held home device at a fraction of the cost.

The Science Behind Sonic Technology

Sonic technology leverages the power of sound waves – vibrations that generate a pulse varying in frequency and intensity. Because of it’s great impact on the human metabolic system, sonic technology is applied in a wide variety of medical, health, and dermatological applications.

Sonic vibrations emitted by the Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device cause muscles to slightly contract 30-50 times per second. These small contractions work to increase circulation in the muscles, bring life-giving oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and yielding a natural healthy, rejuvenated glow.

Using the Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device


The LED light technology and sonic (sound) technology within the device is safe enough for everyday use. Unlike pharmaceuticals and man-made products, the technology is pure and based upon foundational principals of science and biology. 

We recommend that you use the Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device 3-4 times a week during your first month, then at least 2-3 times per month afterward.


The Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device has a variety of settings combinations:

Red or Blue LED Light

  • With or without hot or cold compress
  • With or without sonic vibration

Hot or Cold Compress

  • With or without LED light
  • With or without sonic vibration

Before using the device, clean and dry your face completely. To maximize the effectiveness of LED technology, choose hot compress setting with sonic vibration. Using small circular motions, massage each area of your face, forehead, and neck for 3-5 minutes. Once complete, apply a small amount of your favorite serums or creams. The hot compress will have opened your pores and increased blood flow, allowing your skin to drink up and absorb the products. For added benefit, 10-15 minutes after applying products you can massage your face using the device on the cold compress setting to seal pores and reduce puffiness.


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