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The natural healing properties of red seaweed, combined with the rich concentration of vitamins and amino acids inherent to red caviar, soak in moisture to plump fine lines. Paired with 24K gold releasing technology facial masks, this trifecta of highly potent, natural ingredients yields advanced filling, firming and pore tightening results.

Your Bundle Includes:

  • Bio Thermal Caviar Serum: Cultivated from natural sea elements, Dermatox red caviar and red seaweed serum plumps the skin by drawing in moisture, resulting in softened surface lines and a radiant natural glow.
  • Bio Thermal Caviar Cream: A rich blend of the elemental healing properties of red seaweed that work to draw in moisture and create an age defying barrier.
  • Bio Thermal Caviar Mask: Imbued with red caviar extracts and red seaweed, this highly regenerative mask nourishes skin with nutrients your skin craves, boosting firmness and improving skin tone in as little as one application.
  • Twelve 24K Gold Facial Masks: Formulated from high-density plant collagens, natural glycosaminoglycanes, minerals, 24K gold dust, and other essential elements sourced from nature. These ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin to deliver brightening, moisturizing, and pore-tightening results.

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D'or 24K

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